Adam Colangelo

Adam Colangelo

Pelham, ON, Canada

About Adam Colangelo

I may be a self-taught artist, but I believe my years of hands-on experimentation with copper have given me an education, and a well-educated mind always has more questions than answers. My curiousity is what led me to discover the evocative nature of copper. With colours as varied as a painters palette and lines as crisp as a pen or pencil, I use copper to create colours so vibrant and pure that they inspire wonder and awe in the viewer. My practice is deeply rooted in my belief of art as therapy. Whether it’s a distant memory or a place of importance, my compositions are ambiguous enough that they let the viewer take the wheel, while providing a respite for the soul.

My compositions draw on the properties of copper to create colour, texture, and shape. I use chemical and thermal techniques to transform the material from its natural state to an array of unexpected finishes.


2009 - BEd. Brock University


2020 - Toronto Outdoor Art Fair (Online Edition)
2020 - Art Gallery of Hamilton (Spring Sale)
2019 - The Other Art Fair, Dallas, TX
2019 - Toronto Outdoor Art Fair
2019 - Finding Flow, Windham Fine Arts, NY
2018 - The Brain Project, Toronto, Ont. (featured artist)
2018 - The Artist Project, Toronto, Ont.
2018 - Unified Vision, Workman Collective, Toronto, Ont.
2017 - Art in the Park Oakville, Ont.
2017 - Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition
2016 - ArtVancouver!, Vancouver, B.C.
2016 - Coconut Grove Arts Festival, Miami, FL.
2015 - Affordable Art Fair NYC, NY.