Matteo Cassina

Matteo Cassina

Almenno San Bartolomeo, Lombardia, Italy

About Matteo Cassina

I was born in Bergamo in 1974.
I am a self-taught artist and i began to paint at the end of 2013 because i had the need to find a way to express myself.
I am focused on abstract art, whereof i love the irreproducibility.
My process of abstraction is constantly changing: creating and destroying, solve problems, focus on what's interesting and what is not.
This is a continuous 'transference' and 'countertrasference' as a kind of psychotherapy.
The thought is in some way transferred to the canvas and restored back to the ego.
The creative path of the latest works is characterized in different phases.
A first phase, which we can define as dissociative, in which without rules and constraints I put my thoughts and emotions on canvas; I use gestures, signs, colors, shapes, textures and different materials.
In the following phases, characterized by multiple layers, I gradually move towards an associative phase in which I look for a common thread to frame the mood of the first phases.
You can schematically summarize so: EXPRESSION/INTROSPECTION; a journey to understand oneself.


Awarded a degree in Medicine and Surgery with a major in Forensic Science


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From 20 september to 9 october 2014 ExpArt, via Borghi 80, Bibbiena (Ar)