Oryiman Agbaka

Oryiman Agbaka

Benue state, Middle belt, Nigeria

About Oryiman Agbaka

• Oryiman is a self taught artist, painter, writer and story teller who loves to work in all mediums and styles of art, traditionally a Ballpoint pen artist who loves to create realistic portraits of his subject. Based in Nigeria currently in Benue State, 22 years old and also living everyday by the dot.

• His creative process began at age 8 when he was in first grade, doing drawing competitions with his best friend in class He always had feeling inside of him that he could make drawings of people that could come alive but not so much motivation up until he became 16 and started practicing more. Oryiman loves to create art works mainly at night because of the calm and less distraction at night.

• I study the each line stroke and try cross hatch on the layers to create light and contrast in my works. Averagely, I can spend as long as it requires to create a realistic master piece.

•Back in 2017, He to looked up to other ballpoint pen artists from his region like the likes of Enam Bosokah, Kelvin Okafor, Oscar Okonu, however he learnt that every artist possesses his or her originality regardless of similarities and style.

•He was told his late grandma was also an artist although he never saw any of her works, however it inspired him anyway and he always feels inspired from the works of past artists like Van gogh, Pablo Picasso, and Leornado da Vinci and their life stories and also other contemporary artists like Ken nwadiogbo, Lizzy Ahmet, Damien Hirst, Kevin Okafor.


B sc. degree in mass communication (upper division) from Benue State Nigeria, but spent most of my school days painting and creating art from my studio. Only here to show to the millions of out lovers my soul and also express my self in the best way I can.


Staying creatively safe l hosted by Zaure's art house.
High art 2019
High art 2021


National Art gallery Enugu's Resillience Exhibition, miniature exhibition in Lagos 2019.
The new art open virtua exhibitionl hosted in Miami.
The Olympic art exhibition held in Russia(postponed to later 2021).
Making it top15 finalists with my piece "The shake"
I also worked with the National literary and art collective (Nlaac) against Modern slavery and Human trafficking.