Aintzane De Luna

Aintzane De Luna

Bilbao, Basque Country, Spain

About Aintzane De Luna

• Aintzane Martinez de Luna was born and works in Bilbao (Basque Country). The artistic career of Luna has made her develop different professional aspects in the field of graphic design, without leaving her passion for ceramic and for painting.

• Currently, Luna explores new techniques in order to apply them to the ceramic project. Nowadays Luna’s work is an evolution -the ceramic keeps being her main aim-, but the rest of the items she works with are vital expressions of her influences along their life.

• Their work is a free project with many styles, techniques and forms of representation. The artist explores different identities and territories, borrowing the comic language, pop culture and the History of Art. Luna's works are embodied by different means, such as oil painting, digital art, ceramics or textiles. The origin of her work can be found in her personal experiences, mass media, pictures from books, magazines or the internet, music... after all, in situations that belong to her own life.

• There is also a place for criticism: creations that may seem naive are, in fact, a reflection on the creative act, under the perspective of humor and irony.


• Ceramic workshop. Basauri. Basque Country. 2012-2017.
• Course of Graphic Design and Computer Applications in the Design Centre of Vitoria-Gasteiz.
• Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts, Graphic Design Major. Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of the Basque Country, UPV/EHU.


• Collective exhibition at EspacioAerre.
“Desde que nos conocemos… Todo ha ido a peor” by Aintzane De Luna.
On display 16/05/17 – 30/06/17.
• Exhibition at Tictail Market. New York.
Deluna Ceramics.
On display 15/01/17 – 25/10/17.


2018 Solo show. Gallery 8360. Bilbao.
2017 Collective show ‘Desde que nos conocemos…’. EspacioAerre. Bilbao Art District. Bilbao.
2017 Deluna Ceramics. Tictail Market. New York.
2016 Collective show. Las cosas de Martínez. International Academy of Ceramics. Barcelona.
2016 Collective show. Galería Fariza. Getxo.
2016 Collective show. Torre de Ariz. Basauri.
2016 Solo show. Mikel Larrinaga. Bilbao.
2015 Collective show. Marienea. Basauri.
2015 Collective show. Torre de Ariz. Basauri.
2015 Collective show. EspacioAerre. Bilbao.
2014 Collective show. La Sala de Blas. Archidona. Málaga.
2014 Collective show. Espacio Suberviola. Bilbao.
2014 Collective show. Torre de Ariz. Basauri.
2013-14 Solo show. EspacioAerre. Bilbao.
2013 Collective show. Showroom CDD. Durango.
2013 Collective show. Torre de Ariz. Basauri.
2013 Solo show. Narata. Bilbao.
2012 Collective show. Art Takes Times Square. Nueva York.
2012 Collective show. Importadora ShopGallery. Sevilla.
2012 Solo show. Cultto. Bilbao.
2011 otraformadeluna. Solo show. Fitting Room. Hotel Meliá. Bilbao.
2011 Solo show. Siglo20. Lasarte-Oria. Gipuzkoa.
2011 Solo show. Otraformadeverlascosas. Logroño. La Rioja.
2010 Collective show. Fitting Room. Creative Garden Bilbao Inspired by Toyota. Hotel Meliá. Bilbao.
2010 Collective show. Grand Hall of Uned Bizkaia. Portugalete. Bizkaia.
2010 Solo show. Espacio Ambigú. Bilbao.
2010 Solo show. Forum Bizkaia Creaktiva. Museo Marítimo. Bilbao.
2010 Solo show. Aula de Cultura de Getxo. Bizkaia.
2008-07 Itinerant collective show. Carsa Arte 2007. País Vasco.
2007 Incógnitas. Participación en el proyecto Cartografías del arte contemporáneo en Euskadi producido por el artista Juan Luis Moraza. Museo Guggenheim. Bilbao.
2006-05 Itinerant collective show. Carsa Arte 2005. País Vasco.
2005 Solo show. DOM. Bilbao.
2005 Collective show. DZ Centro de Diseño. Bilbao.
2004 Solo show. Chufo Exposiciones. Bilbao.
2001 Collective show “VACAS-BEHIAK”. Vaca nº 72. ‘I love cow’. Bilbao.
2000 Bilbao Arte. Proposed exposure. Bilbao.
1987 Akelarre Gallery. Basauri. Bizkaia.
1987 Aula de Cultura de Mungia. Bizkaia.
1986 Aula de Cultura de Basauri. Bizkaia.