Alicia Savage

Alicia Savage

Boston, MA, United States

About Alicia Savage

Alicia Savage is a Boston fine art photographer and illustrator. Her self-portrait series, "Destinations", is an organic exploration and evolving documentation of her present and past. Inspired by her curiosity and fueled by her imagination she investigates significant aspects of family history and the subsequent places she finds herself with in her multi-faceted life. Utilizing herself as subject she embraces literal road trips and their consequent metaphorical journeys they evoke. Her bold encounter with these layers of her identity reverberate with elements of the old and new. Vintage dresses, uncharted backroads, homesteads of ancestors each reveal a twist in the road and an undiscovered vantage point from which to play. Feeling her way through the process her destination is ever-unfolding. Post production practices are the second place to layer and expose new landscapes. An echo of the internal and external, the past and present, the known and unknown. Self-portraiture found Savage and provides a rich and complex context for this emerging artist. Her work includes fine art photography, instruction and creative production.


2016 Festival de la Luz - Encuentros Abiertos, Buenos Aires Argentina
2016 Arusha Gallery, Edinburgh Scotland
2015 Fotografica Bogota, Colombia
2015 Panopticon Gallery, “Self Portraits, Not Selfies”, Boston US
2014 Mois de la Photo-Off, “Strangeness” (presented by Atelier TOFZ Gallery), Paris France
2014 StoneCrop Gallery, “Girls, Girls, Girls”, ME USA
2014 Flash Forward Festival, “Fall Back, Spring Forward” (presented by the PRC), Boston US
2014 South Boston MA USA, 555 Gallery, “Ravishing”, Boston US
2014 Beebe Estate, “Moments of Stillness”, Melrose MA US
2013 Lewin Fine Art Gallery, Tokyo Photo Expo, Tokyo Japan.
2013 Griffin Museum at Digital Silver Imaging, “Savage Beauty”, Boston US
2013 Fort Point Open Studios, Boston US
2013 Gallery 289, Boston University Center for Digital Imaging Arts, Waltham MA US