Alwine Pompe

Alwine Pompe

Bendestorf, Germany

About Alwine Pompe

Alwine Pompe, born in Hamburg. Education: Fachhochschule für Gestaltung, Armgartstraße / Hamburg. Textile Design and Graphic Design (Prof. Friedrich Einhoff and Prof. Hans Weckerle). Member: AGD - Alliance of German Designers


A picture donated for the fundraiser for the "Heart Bridge". The project brings children with heart disease from Afghanistan for a free treatment to Hamburg.


Solo exhibitions:
1989 Galeria Manuela Vilches, E-Marbella
1090 Galeria El Arte, E-Marbella
1993 Art Gallery Aurum, CH-Nyon
Art Gallery Aurum, CH-Lausanne
Art Gallery Aurum, CH-Montreux
1994 Hotel Le Richmond, CH-Geneva
1995 Gallery reflection, CH-Geneva
1997 Art-Club, German Club,
Chateau de Divonne, Divonne-F
2000 La Galerie QUATUOR PLUS UN,
2001 Hotel du Rhone, Geneva CH-
2003 The American International Club
(AIC), discussion group and
Discussion of the images of
Alwine Pompe, Chateau de
Divonne, Divonne-F
2013 Dr. E. Hinz, D-Buchholz i.d.N
2014 Art in the clinic: Exhibition opening for
Inauguration of the new building,
the Asklepios Clinic Harburg, D-Hamburg

Group exhibition:
1998 Gallery Voutat, CH-Vandoeuvres
2014 Kultursommer des Landkreises Harburg,
"Herzklopfen", Heimathaus Jesteburg
(Gruppe: Kunstnetz-Jesteburg)D-Jesteburg/Harburg
2014 Waldklinik Jesteburg D-Jesteburg/Harburg
(Gruppe: Kunstnetz-Jesteburg)
2014 "Fremdheit, welche Farben hast Du?"
Kunsthaus Jesteburg
(Gruppe: Kunstnetz-Jesteburg) D-Jesteburg/Harburg