Kostiantyn Shyptia

Kostiantyn Shyptia

Sumy, Sumy region, Ukraine

About Kostiantyn Shyptia

I am Kostiantyn Shyptia. I was born and now I live in Ukraine in Sumy. I graduated from Sumy State University and Art School in my city. I keep learning and improving all the time. My mentors are contemporaries and great artists of the past.
My life, my joy and my work are my creativity. In my paintings I want to show the incredible beauty of life in all its diversity. The beauty and grace of a person in this complex crazy world. I want to imprint the ephemeral paints of instants of life in the endless stream of time,
human passions and griefs, reckless love and burning hatred, melancholy of loneliness and wild gladness, easy sorrow and unrestrained merriment. My artworks are in private collections around the world. In life, as well as in creation my motto is the winged Latin saying: «Dum spiro, spero».


Sumy State University
Sumy Art school


2018. Winner in the competition for the model of the monument to the soldiers of Ukraine.
2020. Creation of several large-scale murals in the city of Sumy.
2020. Creation of murals in an Orthodox cathedral. Sumy, Ukraine


2008. Moscow, Russia, Group exhibition "Life and Death in Contemporary Art".
2014. Sumy, Ukraine, Personal exhibition "Dum spiro Spero" in the Municipal Art Gallery of Sumy.
2015. Museum of the History of Kiev, Charity Exhibition "Warmth of Hearts", Kyiv, 2015, Ukraine
2015. Open-air group exhibition under the auspices of the «Kolyba» Public Association, Ukraine
2016. Exhibition sale in C-ART Gallery, Sumy, Ukraine,
2018. Center for ATO Participants, Sumy, Ukraine,
2020. Personal Art exhibition «In Arte Libertas» in the Sumy City Gallery, Ukraine