Anand Charya

Anand Charya

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

About Anand Charya

About me and my Art :

One day, a person asked me : What makes you call yourself an artist ?

I said …….. People around me started calling me artist, seeing my paintings, Rangolies and decorations at the time of ‘Lord Ganpati’ festival.

If you ask me ,....... what drives you to create art ?

I would say,.....people around me encouraged me to create art. Because they like my each and every creation of art.

In my school and college days I used to draw ‘Rangoli’.

( Rangoli is a Hindu traditional or folk art, which is generally created on the floor on some festive occasions with special kind of powder. )

I used to draw portraits of cine actors, political leaders, mythological pictures, in ‘Rangoli medium’.

I also used to make paintings.

I feel this art is a God - Gift to me. I am a self-taught artist. But for some reasons I could not pursue my art for the long period of my life. Now, I am more matured. Now, I have learnt to imagine a scene with it’s emotion. I have learnt to pour emotions in my artwork.

When I observed that, in 95 % of the ‘pictures or painting exhibitions’, medium used by the artists is only paper or canvas but not metal, I decided to work on metal. ( Probably metal may be the very difficult medium to shape one's idea or picture for the other artists. )
And so today, my metal sculptures are in front of you.

I said above, about the emotions in my artworks, but at the same time I have not ignored the technical aspect to make my sculptures. And so, I could achieve the depth of 2 to 4 inches in my ‘Metal Relief Sculptures’.

In my ‘Wire Sculptures’ I take more precaution for the anatomy of the figure and it’s expressions. I do not want the viewers to see my pictures just as a line sketch.

I want the viewers to feel the existence of ‘metal wire’ and it’s bending moments, it’s flow, it’s continuity ( without disturbing the anatomy ) and transparency through one figure to another ( since the figures are one behind another )