Anastasia Woron

Anastasia Woron

Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

About Anastasia Woron

My name is Anastasia Woron, I am an artist. My art is my life, I can't imagine a day without a brush. I love the beauty of this world - the flowers and fields, the seas and oceans, the rivers and lakes, animal life in all its variety, the stars of the cosmos and our own sun! I see the world through colors that are as bright and diverse as the universe itself!
I am inspired by the simplicity of a cornflower, the luxurious variety of the underwater world, the power of the ocean, and the meditative tranquility of the night sky.
I predominantly work with oil paints in the multilayer painting technique. I have developed my own style and my color rendering technique is exceptional. Each painting is unique and inimitable.
I started drawing at the age of three, and since then I have been constantly in a creative search and developing.
I am happy to bring joy to people through my paintings!


I was born in the Ukraine in the city of Poltava. In my family all were musicians - pianists- dad, mom, aunt and older brother. And therefore it was self-evident that I would continue the family tradition. And therefore, at the age of six, I began a professional music training which lasted 11 years. All this time, adoring music, I was passionately drawing and asked my mother to let me go to study painting ... but no ... musicians, so we will all be musicians.I took several private drawing lessons in my youth and continued studying at a music school. I finished it and after a while I, my mother and my brother (my father died when I was 5 years old) we moved to Israel where in 1998 I entered the Bezalel school of arts. After a while I opened my gallery in Tel Aviv, where I worked, exhibited and sold my was a very fruitful period in my life - I painted many paintings that now adorn people's homes in many countries, developed my own author's style and my author's themes in painting, and gained confidence in myself, in my art!At the same time, my paintings were sold at the world-famous tiroch auction. Soon my husband and I moved to Spain and settled in Barcelona where we opened a gallery and where I have the opportunity to work, exhibit and sell my paintings. And then an Italian fashion firm offered me to make a collection of shoes and accessories based on my paintings. The result is a very beautiful collection.
Music has always been my faithful ally in painting - the same laws, the same rules: 7 notes, 7 colors ... louder, quieter, brighter, paler ... more movement or calmer ... I am grateful to my mother that she gave me such an education, which also helped me develop a taste for the painting I adore.


. 2001-2002 Exhibition in “Art” gallery in Tel Aviv 2002- She reaches international sales in “Tiroch” auctions 2002-2003 Permanent exhibition in “Dilan ” gallery 2002-2004 Permanent exhibition in her own gallery” Mor” in Tel Aviv. 2004-2005 Permanent exhibition in “MR” gallery in Figueres 2005-2006 Permanent exhibition in her own gallery in Barcelona. 2005-2009 Permanent exhibition in “Capricci” gallery in Barcelona. 2013-2020 Permanent exhibition in her own gallery in Barcelona.