Anca Popa

Anca Popa

Cape Town, South Africa

About Anca Popa

Imagine somebody flipping a coin that will afterwards spin endlessly, powerless to decide on which side to fall on. Its trail modified by the smallest external and internal factors. Maybe leaning but never stopping. A long and exhausting journey fueled by curiosity and lust for life. I am the coin and the marks I leave on the surface that I ceaselessly spin on are my work. A radiography of my own unique path in life. A narcissistic act of putting myself out there for everybody to see, a brave and at the same time torturous gesture. My childhood constantly alluring me with its sweetness. My inner child always at play, incapable to commit. Longing for beauty but thriving in darkness. A testimony of my failure as a social human being.

Contradiction and indecisiveness may perfectly describe my body of work but the freedom I get from this cataloguing is essential in order for me to create. Until quite recently it seemed that every piece was telling a different story, by a different person even, unrelated to previews ones, but now I see my work as groups of objects relating to each other, each playing an essential part to the final story. From sketches to large paintings, using a vast array of mediums, put together, they embody a whole person with past, present and future.


Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism, Bucharest, Romania 2004-2010