Anna Polanowska

Anna Polanowska

Konstancin-Jeziorna, Mazowieckie, Poland

About Anna Polanowska

Anna Polanowska (1981) A member of the Association of Polish Artists and Designers (ZPAP).
A member of the Association Interrnationale des Arts Plastiques (AIAP) / International Association of Art (IAA).

A multi-talented artist, who worked not only as a painter, but also as a graphic and interior designer specializing in art and interior synergy. Anna creates personalized paintings for unique residential and commercial space that strengthens the energy of place and makes a trendy design. Furthermore Anna has more than 1,000 teaching hours lecturer experience.

Anna’s art works are large format abstract compositions mainly, full of bold, contrasting colors and varying texture applied to canvas. These energetic and expressive paintings contain multithreaded interpretations of color spots being an authentic, spontaneous and dynamic art.
The latest collection of collages on canvas by Anna Polanowska resulted from the combination of diverse techniques and media. A multi-step creative process includes - among others - techniques such as monotype, drawing, collage, computer graphics, painting as well as the use of various materials eg. paints, threads, wire, twine, nails, drawing pins etc.
It's a surreal presentation based on a courageous combination of forms, a deconstruction of commonly known shapes, modeling of images by including extraneous materials into their structure and application of impastos with varied texture of paints. All this gives the images a multiple dimensions, but also the multithreading of thought and the subject.
The artist provokes by motives inspired by the modern world, society, its transformations and the human relationship with the environment. Her collection of collages on canvas is the perfect match for those who appreciate fresh perspective on art, breaking the rules of generally accepted standards.

Anna regularly exhibits her paintings in the individual and collective exhibitions, international art reviews and art competitions. Her works are also auctioned at the most prominent auction house in Poland. The paintings and other works of Anna Polanowska are also held in private collections of several collectors and art fans.

Anna is also the co-founder of the DIRECTION (Kierunek) Painting Group. As a part of group she promotes awareness of art and stimulates the contact with art. She is also the founder and owner of the Sunday Painting Cocktails project – regular meetings on painting and art issues.


► Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź, Poland (Postgraduate Studies, Faculty of Painting and Drawing, 2015)
► The College of Graphic Arts and Visual Techniques in Warsaw, PL (Visual Artist Diploma, graduated with honors, 2006)
► Warsaw University, PL (Graduate MA Diploma, Institute of Applied Social Sciences, 2005)


Archiday - A cyclical educational and business event for architects, designers and interior decorators (Warsaw, PL, 2016)


Collective exhibitions 2015-2017:
► ArtBox.Project, Basel Art Weeks 2017, Basel Airport (Basel, SWITZERLAND, 2017)
► MAGAN Gallery London, Frame of Mind, (London, UK, 2017)
► Kaisiadorys Kulturos Centras (LITHUANIA, 2017)
► Museum of Łowicz, Limits of Imagination (Łowicz, PL, 2017)
► 5th International Biennial of Painting QUADRO-ART, Central Textile Museum (Łódź, PL, 2016/2017)
► 6th International Review of ALTERNATIVE ART 33, Gallery 33 (Ostrów Wielkopolski, PL 2017/2018)
► 5th International Review of ALTERNATIVE ART 33, Gallery 33 (Ostrów Wielkopolski, PL 2016/2017)
► 4th International Review of ALTERNATIVE ART 33, Gallery 33 (Ostrów Wielkopolski, PL 2016/2017)
►Off Piotrkowska Art Gallery, Sentiments (Łódź, PL, 2015)
► White Wall Gallery (Łódź, PL, 2015)
► Main Gallery of the Culture and Art Center (Skierniewice, PL, 2015)
► Gallery 33, Direction -> Unknown (Ostrów Wielkopolski, PL, 2015)
► Confrontations II - A New Leaf, Two editions (Konstancin Jeziorna, PL, 2016 and 2015)

Individual exhibitions:
► 5 [FAJF] – five years of creativity, Art Gallery Rama (Józefów, PL, 2017)
► Association of Polish Artists and Designers (ZPAP), Duet - exhibition with dr hab. Tomasz Myjak (Łódź, PL, 2016)
► Grodzka Art Gallery, Synergy of Art and Interior (Cracow, PL, 2016)
► Szary Stół, Synergy (Cracow, PL, 2016)
► Winny Przystanek, Systems (Warsaw, PL, 2016)
► The Colour Hodgepodge, Individual Exhibition under the patronage of The Museum of Warsaw University (Warsaw, PL 2014)