Antonio Romero

Antonio Romero

Granada, -, Spain

About Antonio Romero

I define my author projects, more visual than discursive, like "Quiet and pleasant strolls through the microcosm of human: microspaces of a parallel universe of emotional energy." Like processes that take place in our creative mind of logic gates with switches of colors. The creative mind: the completely "irrational" and so exclusive trait of the homo sapiens.


In my teenage years, I observed to the microscope a thin slice of rock that contained an astounding amount of microfossils of single-cell animals, petrified hundreds of millions of years ago, but still telling about their morphology, their habitat, their staggering biodiversity, and their role in our evolutionary history.
Their narration took the form of microlandscapes of endless mass graves full of delicate recumbent beings. I felt the need to retain that moment in my memory capturing it with a photograph.

My pictures want be an unedited vision across suggestive and baffling parallel-universe, unknown but very close: tiny corners of an infinite reality.

I wish to share these snapshots with other naked eyes, viewers diving into them and promenading through them leisurely: in a symbiosis of aesthetic experience, cognitive process and also a reflection on the theme of those artworks, speaking to us about our technoscience present which is writing our future.

As a medium for my artistic production, I use the digital photography (fine art pigment prints) with the help of a microscope.

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I studied at Escuela de Arte de Granada (Granada, Spain), where I was taught Aesthetics of Photography by Vicente del Amo, a disciple of Otto Steinert (founder of the Subjective Photography movement).

I'm a self-taught scientific photographer, and a member of the European Microscopy Society.


- February 1, 2, and 3, art3f Paris (France). International contemporary art fair.

- December 6, 7, 8, and 9, Luxembourg Art Fair (Luxembourg). International contemporary art fair.

- November 23, 24 and 25, Art3f Brussels (Brussels, Belgium). International contemporary art fair.

- May 18, MANIFESTO OF THE MICROCOSM, published in the international contemporary art fair Studio Lisbon 018, Lisbon, Portugal.

- May 18, 19 and 20, Studio Lisboa 018 (Lisbon, Portugal). International contemporary art fair. Guest artist.

- August 24, Saatchi Art (USA), featured in the curated collection by Jessica McQueen: "Inspired By Man Ray: New Surrealist Works".

- May 28, LensCulture (Netherlands, USA, France), feature: "Sun, Earth, Energy, Life: Coal".

In the international sphere, my works has been published in photography magazines, academic journals, popular science magazines, and other media:
- Nature (UK).
- Discover Magazine, TIME (USA).
- Newsweek (USA).
- New Scientist, Reed Elsevier (UK-USA).
- National Geographic (UK).
- Quebec Science (Canada).
- BBC Focus Magazine, Science &Technology (UK).
- Elsevier (Netherlands).
- Springer (Germany).
- Wiley-Blackwell (USA).
- The Lancet, (UK).
- The Medical Journal of Australia (Australia)
- Pharmaceutical Journal (UK).
- Focus Pressagentur (Germany).
- BBC TV (UK).

In addition, my photographs have been published for other creative uses in the USA, China, Russia, Japan, Korea, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Germany, UK, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Austria, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Hungary, Switzerland, France, Italy, and Spain.


- February, collective exhibition, Paris Expo, Paris, France. Series: solar energy, color and emotional energy.

- December, collective exhibition, Luxexpo Thebox, Luxembourg. Series: dopamine, emotions, mind and color.

- November, collective exhibition, Brussels Expo, Brussels, Belgium. Series: dopamine, emotions, mind and color.

- May, collective exhibition, Centro de Congressos, Lisboa, Portugal. Representative works of several projects.

Royal Photographic Society collective exhibition to celebrate International Year of Light 2015 (UNESCO). Title: Light Works.

- 4 - 20 July, Didcot, Oxfordshire, Hartwell Campus.

- 31 May - 11 June 2015, Cardiff,Senedd Building (National Assembly), Pierhead in Cardiff Bay.

- 2 March – 30 April 2015, Edinburgh, St.Andrew’s Square.

- 9 February – 27 February, Belfast, City Hall, Donegall Square.

- 25 January – 6 February, London, Burlington House, Piccadilly.