Jorge Arribasplata

Jorge Arribasplata

South America, Peru

About Jorge Arribasplata

Jorge Arribasplata is a Peruvian artist. In Perú, he studied Fine Arts and had classical art training. In his early twenties, he moved to the United States to continue his education in art. He studied at Indiana University and graduated with degrees in Studio Art, Art History and Italian. Jorge is also a teacher and has taught art for 15 years in the United States. He also started an art program for at risk hispanic youth at United Hispanic Americans in Fort Wayne where he served as the art director for 10 years.

Because art has changed so much in content, technique and media in the last 200 years, Jorge reminds us that the modern artist is more than a technician or a craftsman. For Jorge the modern artist needs to be fit intellectually, emotionally and psychologically in order to compete and create art in the 21st Century for a global audience. As he has grown as an artist, he believes that advances in science and technology have challenged artists to re-examine the way they create art. Jorge thinks that, whereas at one time images were rare and precious, now they are cheap and ubiquitous. In his opinion, reproducing an image the way it has been done in the past is obsolete and redundant. The modern artist now has to shed all of his/her traditional and nostalgic ideas about art to embrace new ones, which are more in touch with our global and postmodern reality, he says. As he has grown apart from all of his cherished and classical ideas about art , he now hopes to create meaning through his art and establish himself as a global artist. Jorge is multilingual and understands multiple realities, crucial for a modern artist.

Jorge’s art is eclectic, metaphoric and often cathartic. For him the process of creating art is the most important element of his art. The canvas is nothing but a vehicle, a fading memory of his artistic process, a surface to document his creativity, says Jorge. In other words, as the writer writes so he does not forget, the painter paints for the same reason. Sometimes Jorge’s art is very personal and at times it reflects his own suffering and intellectual sadness. Jorge’s art is in constant flux, but for the most part his art deals with color as a subject, for color transcends all languages and explanations, he says. Definitely Jorge is a colorist and uses color in a bold and unapologetic way to convey his emotional message.

Jorge is inspired by painters like Van Gogh, Matisse, Jackson Pollock, William de Kooning, and many other precursors of modern art. Thanks for visiting, enjoy the art.


Indiana University - B.A Studio Art, Art History and Italian language.