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GLASS SCULPTURE by Schrieber-Smith

It is my intention for these artworks to give new purpose and new meaning to the debris of our civilization. The central material to my work is found, “orphaned” glass. I intuitively manipulate and assemble these “orphans” until they become new forms or “families”. These assemblages are permanently bonded and use cold glass working processes except for when the kiln fired glass painted images are included.
Nanci Schrieber-Smith
42 Artworks curated by Nanci Schrieber-Smith
Menorah image


Sculpture10 W x 20 H x 10 D in


Balancing Act image

Balancing Act

Sculpture12.5 W x 14 H x 6 D in


Twilight Reliquary image

Twilight Reliquary

Sculpture13 W x 12 H x 10 D in

And the Band Played On image