Green of Gujarat Collage by Ragini Parekh

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Art Description

Collage: Fabric, Plastic, Textile, Household, Stone on Canvas, Cardboard.

This is my most loved art work. This has the fabric from my home town 'Gujarat'. I think all of us remember our past or childhood like home, family, friends, places through long kept clothes of our loved ones at the bottom corner of our cub-boards. Our mind starts going down the memory lane when we touch old fabric, see those peculiar colours, smell them, our senses are activated.

Making this art form is like taking myself and the audience down the memory lane of my old days in Gujarat, full of festivals, colours, sweets, smiles and end-less chats.

This art form is time capsule which will take you to Gujarat instantly. This art form is perfect decor for modern offices and homes where you have to add human touch from the smallest rural village of India.

I am very sure this art will bring all the luck and charm your space requires as it is made with lots of love.



Green of Gujarat

Ragini Parekh



Size: 15 W x 16 H x 0.5 in

This artwork is not for sale.