The Bird Series/Metamorphosis IV Collage by Marianne Sturtridge

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Art Description

Collage: Ink, Paint, Paper, Photo on Paper, Other.

This series of 15 mythical birds explores dimensions and space using collage and painting. I chose a bird as my subject as it is often associated with evolution. The bird in this series is the archetypial wading bird. The birds' long thin legs act as frames and create dimensions or/and other worlds within the the picture, sometimes interiors which can become part of the bird.

I created The Birds Series/ Metamorphosis by drawing a bird onto card and making a cut-out or stencil of a bird. This stencil was placed on a limited selection of layered paper , mostly magazines, newspapers and my paintings. Sometimes I used the negative shape or out-line of the stencil to repeat parts of the bird or distort it. I paid particular attention to positioning colours and designs to create a mystical environment for this newly arrived creature. The strong architectural framing crops the bird. The geometric designer walls constrains us from physically wandering . ( I play to the strengths of lucky chances). The carrot red that dominates this scene makes me feel hot . Do I spot a reflection of this bird but this time in red with the same black beak? There are many more examples of these lucky breaks so please see how many you can spot.

Watercolour and black ink painted onto white background and sometimes onto magazines gives vitality and spontaneity. I cut shapes from my existing paintings whenever needed.


The Bird Series/Metamorphosis IV

Marianne Sturtridge

United Kingdom


Size: 8.2 W x 7.7 H x 0.2 in

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