'Kinlet Hall'

United Kingdom

Size: 8.3 H x 10.6 W x 0 in

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Art Description

Drawing: Graphite and Black & White on Paper.

This is a Graphite image capturing the last remaining Hall class Locomotive in operation in the UK. The 'Kinlet Hall' still. operates on a small line in the North of Exmoor in the UK and strikes an impressive sight. The feelings of nostalgia and the smells and sights that envoke that nostalgia are in abundance at any of the Railways small Stations seemingly stuck in the age of steam. The sight of a this grand Locomotive should inspire anyone. I work in Graphite and in a realistic style and try to capture my subjects in a true to life way but hope to bring them to life in a way which pays tribute to the etchings and sketches of days gone by. This I find really fits the brief with this type of Subject matter. I hope that this style of working will really add to the nostalgic feel of the piece and take the viewer to a place long ago when these amazing feats of engineering were the pride of a nation.

Keywords: Pencil, Rail, Railroad, Railway, Steam, Train, Drawings, Engine, Locomotive

Subjects: Train

Styles: Fine Art, Realism

Mediums: Graphite, Black & White

Materials: Paper

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