Love is pain / Chongqing Pink

Size: 8.3 H x 6.7 W x 0 in

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Art Description

Drawing: Pen and Ink

Chongqing Pink
Many outsiders have never heard of this city,
yet it is on its way to become one of the planet’s mega cities, with an urban population of ten million that will double again after 2020.
Chongqing lies between the dark waters of the Jialing river and the chocolate-coloured Yangtze.
Mountains surround the city. Dogs and cats are everywhere and fishes do their last swimming on the sidewalks. People who live here climb up the mountain tops to shout out loud down toward the gloomy city.
I have been in Chongqing for seventeen weeks, teaching illustration. Somedays I have felt red and somedays pink just like this city which is shifting between sun and mist.

Keywords: pain, passion, pink, red, romance, bird, blood, china, barbed wire, heart, loneliness, love

Subjects: Love

Styles: Expressionism

Mediums: Pen and Ink

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