My silhouette


Size: 24 H x 20 W x 0.1 in

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Art Description

Drawing: Charcoal, Conte and Black & White on Cardboard and Paper.

Love is a silhouette
And she dances on my shoulder
Stability is a shadow
And he likes to play a game
Insanity is a ghost
I'll never see him tamed

she was nothing but a silhouette.

Do you even see?
Shackled in chains
Struggling to get free
Bounded by your words
Just as lyrics to its chords
How could you treat me as a ghost?
Treating me this way gives me pain the most

her life once vivid- colored by dream and ambition has been blackened by a past too present still.

knocking on the doors of high rises and hotel rooms, carrying her treasured heels into the vapid mist of a sleeping city.

her figure even out of the mist is the only thing to make out still.

emptiness travels in her bones and loneliness is a dear friend.

by rare occurrence of special characters, she becomes illuminated and her appearance is said to be of an angel.

these special characters, men with their reassuring smiles, and kodak promises- and their shortcomings of wives, flirtings and lies make her short-lived sparkle dim.

she allows disappointment to counsel her and guide her deeper into shadow.

the unseen angel is the tragic girl now

Keywords: My Sihouette, Shadow, Void, Charcoal, Expression, Love

Subjects: Love

Styles: Expressionism, Portraiture

Mediums: Charcoal, Conte, Black & White

Materials: Cardboard, Paper

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