Pirate Witch Queen Of Ghosts Drawing by Faustus Crow

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Art Description

Drawing: Pencil, Ballpoint Pen, Ink, Watercolor on Paper.

The Artwork is A4 in size (297 x 210 mm or 11.7 x 8.3) drawn on heavy cartridge paper, which is provisionally entitled: Pirate Witch Queen Of Ghosts.

The Artwork was initially drawn in pencil, pen and ink. It was then coloured with Caran D'ache Prismalo and Derwent water colour pencils, with some painting being involved.

My Artist's name is Mardun; as for my Author's name it is Faustus Crow; however, the two do alchemically merge.

The description below will give you an insight into the employed symbolism of the Artwork, which is done in a lowbrow symbolist style of similarity to the 'Underground' comics.

The Thirty-second Succubus of an alternate pop surrealism Grimoire, entitled the Goetia, is called Asmodaya, or Asmodaiya.

She is a great pirate Queen, who is a strong and a most powerful pop occulture Witch.

She had been prior released when her brazen vessel of an Asmoday male form gaol had been discovered by the Connecticut pirate named, Captain Kidd.

He inadvertently opened up her phallic genie bottle when to have made a riotous landing upon the island of Coromos.

Kidd found Asmodaya to be very beautiful to behold of a freed 'Anima' fluctuation amidst his Triangle Of Art Imagination, which to make the 'Animus' fixated Mormon's and their ilk shudder within their sweaty cells.

Asmodaya to have informed Kidd within his purple dreams, that she plies the seven Chakra astral seas of the dream under a menstrual blood Moon in her Leviathan class Man-Of-War, which to give the visionary impression of a giant water spider.

She also related that the Seventh Seal Treasure of the 'Gebo' Rune (X) 'Crossbones,' represents Nigredo trance, when the dreaming 'Skull,' experiences the little death of a conscious ingress into the treasure chest dream, via her ever welcoming keyhole of an inner Stargate.

In order to conjure the Pirate Muse of the anarchist Arts into a lucid dream, it requires a prior macrocosmic key meditation upon her visualised seal, which is tattooed upon her right shoulder of binding.

Then to keyhole dream of this Dakini manifesting amidst your microcosmic pirate Art studio, encircled by the magic circle of existence, which is symbolised as an Ouroboros 'ring' of Artistic virtues, eternally recurring.

She also purportedly teaches how to summon other (Succubae) Succubi Art Muses within lucid dreams to do the bidding of the conjuring Sorcerer Artist, as well as keeping buried ideas safe from gold diggers.

Asmodaya will reveal that the Aristotle numbers, 322 of the Yale Skull and Bones society out of Connecticut, (who to have Kidd's skull and thigh bones in their possession) actually refers to the Runes of Runic Numerology, which Kidd to have seen of an Asmodaya gifted vision, illuminating his rum addled crystalline skull.

The Runes add up to a Seventh Rune of an 'X' marks the hypnagogic trance spot Secret, which will eventually topple the crowned heads of the unknowing 'Animus' fixated elitists, she to verily gut of an Ill-uminati ill-usion with her very sharp Chöd Cutlass.

Well, what do you expect, she is a rebellious pirate who rebels against the deified 'Animus,' made as a God and Devil viral-meme, whose all male symbolic pantheon of angels and demons are listed in the commonality of the neuro-marketing Playgirl Grimoires, zapping the reptilian-brain-stems of the masses.

Whereas Asmodaya frequents a Playboy Grimoire of a very real Necronomicon listing the Succubi Great Old Ones of the Fallen 'Anima.'

She to Goetia Howl, "Highbrow Heaven you fool? Did you hear of any pirates going thither? Give me Lowbrow Hell, it's a merrier place: I'll give yea a salute of 13 guns at entrance."



Pirate Witch Queen Of Ghosts

Faustus Crow


Size: 8.3 W x 11.7 H x 0.1 in

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