Totem of the family trees


Size: 29 H x 21 W x 0.1 in

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Art Description

Drawing: Ink, Watercolor, Color and Paint on Paper and Cardboard.

In this work, I presented a family of four in the form of tree symbols. The head of the family is a large indestructible oak, a mother in the form of a willow, an older child as a tree with a shaping crown and the youngest child in the form of a sprout. The roots of all four trees are woven together and form the sign of the tree of life.

Keywords: Plants, Roots, Symbol, Totem, Trees, Willow, Crown, Family, Genealogy, Groups, Nature, Oak

Subjects: Tree

Styles: Conceptual, Surrealism, Illustration, Folk, Fine Art

Mediums: Ink, Watercolor, Color, Paint

Materials: Paper, Cardboard

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