Diffusion Installation by jayson haebich

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Art Description

Installation: Glass, Lights, laser on Glass, Other.

This piece is about the transformation of pure white light into many different colours and textures through the process of diffusion. This transformation occurs by taking homogenous, highly concentrated white light from a laser projector and scattering it into a dazzling array of colours and textures by shining it through a pile of broken glass and mirrors.

The work consists of a large pile of broken glass and white light from a laser which passes through the glass and is refracted and diffused throughout the room, splitting the white light into its component colours. The glass also absorbs some of the light giving it a glowing almost phosphorescent effect that produces beautiful shades of blues, greens, pinks, purples and yellows.

As the lines of white light move across the broken glass the reflections that fan out across the floor and across the walls and ceiling look similar to the effects created by an Aurora in the northern skies. Also with several lines of light scanning across the glass at randomised speeds the piece never produces the same texture or coloured pattern more than once with each moment of the work itself being a unique piece of artwork, this generative method of artwork adds another dimension to this work




jayson haebich

United Kingdom


Size: 60 W x 40 H x 100 in

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