The Secret Of The Sea Installation by Othilia Verdurmen

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The Secret Of The Sea / Fish
The Secret Of The Sea
The Secret Of The Sea / Fish
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Art Description

Installation: Fabric, Lights, Plastic, Steel, 3D Sculpting on Plastic, Soft (Yarn, Cotton, Fabric), Steel, Other.

The Secret Of The Sea

In “The Secret Of The Sea” I explored dynamics, transparency and the defying of gravity.
This time water is my subject. How can I materialize water, while it is so volatile and untouchable. "The Secret Of The Sea" is actually a group of sculptures. Each section has an expression of it’s own, while they fuse together as a whole in moving water.
Fossil fish dive up out of the wave and as we can see only fragments of fish swimming in the ocean, imagination completes them. All kinds of materials are used: knitted copper wire, textile, beads, paint, felt and phosphorescent synthetic materials, paper-maché. By diving into the depth of the ocean, all colours disappear one by one. We are left only with phosphorescent signals, deriving from movement. The wave takes the visitor along in a similar captivating journey through changing lights and into the depth. So, in the end everything looks like a starry night at the bottom of the sea and what astonishes above, can also be found in the depth.


The Secret Of The Sea

Othilia Verdurmen



Size: 118.1 W x 126 H x 133.9 in

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