The Last Supper Revisited Artwork by Ian Anderson

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Jesus Disciples

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The Last Supper Revisited

Ian Anderson

New Zealand

New Media

Size: 24 W x 16 H x 0.1 in

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Art Description

New Media: Digital, Leather, Reproduction Prints, Limited Edition Prints, Leather Carving on Canvas.


This religious icon is inspired by 4 schools of thought.
1. The first being, Da Vinci’s famous last supper painting. A late 15th-century mural painting by Leonardo da Vinci in the refectory of the Convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie, Milan. It is one of the world’s most famous paintings.
2. The second creating it on leather and modernizing the approach to detail. According to many sources, Da Vinci used a renaissance Italian home scene setting and not the traditional Jewish setting of reclining on the floor.
3. The third, to research the text from Matthew 26:29 in the Bible. Jesus met with His disciples and the scene depicted the reactions to the conversation about who was going to betray Him.
4. My personal search for answers and meaning to my inner confusion about death, purpose to life and how did we really get here? My search led me to drugs, many religious and philosophical reasonings to the God-man called Jesus and I wanted to honor, as best I can, His story.

The research

In researching the Da VinciLast Supper leather carving I have realized that Leonardo’s much-viewed painting has captured the imagination of multitudes but the reason for the disciple’s reaction is unknown to many. The real event marked a change in history between heaven and earth and which is being lived out today. I discovered the Jesus Leonardo wanted to capture is due to return to this planet. This has been recorded by some of these men depicted in their historic letters. I, like them, found Jesus to be disarmingly honest about my life and like these first disciples, He first mentored, I am finding a new excitement at what is unfolding in current world events. “The last Supper” preceded His for-known sacrifice.

My revelation

At this meal, around 2000 years ago, He made many things clear which affects us all today. They, (like myself – once a stubborn man), found a lot of it hard to believe and take in. I persisted in my inquiry amidst my skepticism, the skepticism of friends and family and generally the world at large which reflected our ignorance. This ignorance in the heartfelt​ mocking words. “Give me a break, Jesus reflects religion which is the root of all the worlds problems and wars”. I was wrong again.

As I researched my stubbornness worked in my favor and one day the lights went on. The reason for His story has now become my story and unashamed I will use whatever is in my hands to tell the world His story. “He is who He says He is”, He never came into this world to start a religion, He never came to start wars, He never came to condemn us in our confusion. He came to set us free from our foolishness, to give us peace, purpose, joy, wisdom, and the knowledge that sets us free. This freedom and peace are available to us today, on earth, as it is in Heaven. It has always been with God. When you discover it for your self you will know why it is called “Good News”. So from me to you, be stubborn in seeking the answers and don’t give up until it becomes your own “Pearl of Great Price”.

It was a night of celebration and the foreseen great betrayal which led to darkness being defeated. Jesus taught that the betrayal would lead to His death as a doorway to heavens reintroduction to the peace starved hungry heart of mankind. He went to face His destiny at the hands of those who condemned and murdered this innocent man.

History of this carving

The original work was created in 1977 and has been in the collection of the artist until 2011 when it was refurbished and framed. Working the leather was a physically demanding challenge with attention to detail, constant carving, beveling, and dyeing.

The production left my fingers in a regular state of distress from over use. Interestingly I think RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) had not been discovered back then, or at least I had not heard of it.

My addition

I have added the religious symbol of Jesus holding the lamb. The reason is that of the well-known Shepherd symbol of Jesus caring for His sheep. In this sense, it has the timeless supernatural dimension of Him overlooking and caring for those who love Him. A reciprocal affection, which when experienced personally brings peace.

Jesus spoke in parables/allegories around the culture and lifestyle of his day for those who were hungry for truth. The hunger for truth comes from dissatisfaction with the temporal world we experience. Genuine seekers received what Jesus promised. The born again (second birth) where our spirit is made alive to Gods spirit in our mortal bodies. Sometimes the consequent joy received internally was often expressed externally much to the disgust of most religious and political leaders of his generation. It is the same today.

Reason for naming it “The Last Supper”

The reason it is called the “Last Supper” is that it was the last meal before Jesus was betrayed. Gods ways offended us and the powers of darkness. The disciples did not understand and the supernatural being called satan filled Judas heart to betray Jesus. Just after this meal with His friends He was betrayed, arrested, falsely accused and hung on a cross. This was His last meal.