A wall Painting by Cynthia Gregorová

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Art Description

Painting: Charcoal, Pencil, Paint on Canvas.

The Barriers

The year when „The Barriers“ set was created, I intensive perceived the fears and worries of my closest persons. But offten they was more irracional than reasonable. Ir was suffering but fascinating too, how someone becomming lapped into ideas, that are made of fear from unknown and in the same time from unability to brake the habits and stereotype.
In set of paintings I don´t work with a fear like with a notion, eather with the fact how is fear of my closest persones limiting their own life and mine also. In the artworks there is intertwineding the problem of personal barriers with passion for freedom, a willness with paralyze, unabillity to make a progress.

This canvas reflects my defiance, fear from the fear. Meanwhile the others presents the passive posture, giving in to distess, be satisfied with fake support and not looking for a real solutions. The colorit of paintings cumulates a heavy atmosphere and it matches to some sine wave- from awing stress , across negative or possitive dulling, with invasively but inconspicuously incomming death.



A wall

Cynthia Gregorová



Size: 59.1 W x 47.2 H x 0.6 in

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