Differentiation III. Humus, pine bark, moss Painting by Konstantin Logunov

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Art Description

Painting: Oil, Environmental, Pine bark, Bark, Fire on Canvas.

Project "Differentiation".
Nature encompasses single and plural, eternal and temporal, life and death. It is impossible to surpass it in its perfection, one can only imitate it. "Differentiation", the division of the surroundings into components and their subsequent unification, fastens our attention to the natural and timeless. Recreating natural objects and replacing their environment with imitation, the artist shapes things and "realm", where they exist in nature and have been captured by him. The natural materials are used for recreation, and the image imitation is not painted, it is created by gravity, air and fire from paints. Thus, the flame alchemy gives rise to the sky, and twigs and willow furry catkins tremble on its background. Stones, bark, moss, stalks are withdrawn from the nature and then returned to the similar environment – artificial but created with the help of the natural elements. "Natural abstractions" is made up of objective components of the nature and subjective empirical experience of the artist. They show the audience the beauty of the things, letting feel the harmonies of the familiar world. These harmonies are everlasting and they bring into meditative state. A human being plunges into nature facing the infinity of the universe, with the alive that has become dead and the dead that has become alive again. The components are connected into the whole preserving its beauty. Vitae and mortem no longer confront each other but become the moments of an eternal natural cycle.



Differentiation III. Humus, pine bark, moss

Konstantin Logunov



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