Fallen Angels Raising Painting by Virginia Stephan

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Art Description

Painting: Acrylic, Gem Stones, Turquenite Gem stones, Moon stones, Turquoise stones on Canvas.

I have done several works around the Divine Comedy of Dante, this one although not based on Dante is about Fallen Angels Raising as in as above so below. That nothing can be completely bad and nothing can be completely good. But it sends a positive vibe as I use on purpose the fluorescent orange to boost. No matter how bad life can be, lets try to laugh about it, to not take anything too seriously, to turn the negative into positive. I use crystals, gem stones as a way to add vibrations to the paintings the turquoises and moon stones here really stand out on the orange colour. I do not use varnish or glue but a microporous finish that let the stones breathe so the finishing process can be quite long. As with all crystals the paintings changes depending on the lighting.



Fallen Angels Raising

Virginia Stephan



Size: 18 W x 21.6 H x 0.6 in

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