Heart sutra Painting by Lin Chen

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Heart sutra

Lin Chen


Size: 23.6 W x 15.7 H x 3.9 in

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Art Description

Painting: Oil on Other.

Series of "text", is aimed at some articles or books, according to the original constant (material) with canvas, a copy of the overlapping of the completion of each work need to be a long time. Expanding the sensual jealousy there is almost no bottom line of the material times, I think I should calm down and carefully read the real self, the real heart slowly grooming himself, in a row in real time for the real meaning of my experience. Word copy of the first pass is readable, layer upon layer overlay, lost the original meaning, and text to the image of a kind of transformation is a process of experience, make the visual strangeness and coldness, by way of painting, in addition to the ever emphasized "degrees of freedom, contingency", cut the reader tradition image association mode, go back to the pure appreciation, personal experience. This day and age, everyone is free to transfer information, everyone the same event the same text through their combination convey their own different views, have the truth and falsehood, image is the same, different angles, different backgrounds, different purposes, it will be naked in the face of you, yet you again through their own judgment to cognition. Text lost its solemn sex itself, the image also lost its own records, into "the other" in the era of the diffuse impetuous and tools of abuse, in the face of these had read or not read the text, I find my own way, let yourself calm down and aimless serious consuming precious time, there is no sense in meaning. In the process of writing a long, to find and experience that seemed to reach but not controllable inner keen perception.