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Icarus - Ho'oponopono Prayer

United States

Size: 32 H x 40 W x 3 in

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Art Description

Painting: Wax, Acrylic, Digital, 3D Sculpting and Stone on Cardboard, Wood, Stone and Other.

This encaustic mixed media artwork uses digital art, acrylic painting, encaustic medium, collage and sculpting of foam-core on a wood frame. The body of the angel is partly formed by the yogi in happy cow pose. Happy cow pose is a deep hip opener, symbolic of the angel opening one up deeply to all relationships. The yogi is overlaid in stones for grounding to the earth. Look closely you will see the yogi, head bowed and arms extended.

The angel’s wings and the body of the frame embody the Hawaiian HoOponopono Prayer for healing, clearing and uplifting those around. The prayer is literally carved into the encaustic beeswax frame and hand written onto the golden wings.

The Hado principles of entrainment were used in the creation as a foundation for this uplifting art. It is a modern take on the ancient Greek tale of Icarus. This modern take on Icarus blends cultures and spans generations of time into a truly modern piece of today.

It was created to clear the energy in the spaces and places it is placed in according to the Hado principles taught by Dr. Masaru Emoto. Transformational Energy Art that has the power to transform according to scientific and spiritual principles.

The waxwings of Icarus are sculpted and carved individually with the HoOponopono prayer written upon them. The pure pigments used in the sky below are blended and melted allowing the wax to co-create unique abstractions as a result of the melting process. The prayer was repeated while the burning in process transpired. Moonstone and quartz are used as a border for their energetic properties to magnify and amplify these positive vibrations.

This artwork derives it’s inspiration from Greek Mythology, the tale of Icarus and the ancient wood carvings depicted in Christian Art throughout the middle ages in cathedrals, abbeys and church connected sites.

Most specifically the 13th century which was marked not only by great skill both in design and treatment, but also much devotional feeling. A time when the craftsmen did not merely carve, they carved to the glory of God. The loving care bestowed on each detail seems to point to a religious devotion, which is sometimes absent from later work.

The HoOponopono Prayer or Hawaiian Clearing prayer is carved into the raised framed border of this work as well as the wings of the angel. This literally is on a wing and a prayer. For that is what Icarus had, only wings of wax and a prayer.

This modern take included the prayer for the energy of the words to clear and make right all spaces it is placed in. The border of stones are a mixture of moonstone, jade and quartz to amplify the energy for the artwork.

I consider this Transformational Energy Art, created to uplift the space it is placed in based upon the work of Dr Masaru Emoto Peace Project as well as his research and finding on the water crystals.

Keywords: Purple, Sculpture, Words, Mixed Media, Encaustic, Icarus, Classical Mythology, Greek Mythology, Gold Bronze, Wax Wings, HoOponopono Prayer, Hawaiian Prayer

Subjects: Classical mythology

Styles: Conceptual, Figurative, Abstract, Portraiture

Mediums: Wax, Acrylic, Digital, 3D Sculpting, Stone

Materials: Cardboard, Wood, Stone, Other

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