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Art Description

Painting: Pastel, Graphite, Ink, Acrylic and Charcoal on Canvas.

'Let Peace Reign' is about the Treaty between the Maori Tribes of our country, Queen Victoria the Regal Ruler of the then British Empire, at a time when settlers from England and other countries were taking advantage of my people known as 'Maori'. Land was being settled without authorised approval of our Leaders (Chiefs, Kings) communities were torn apart, our way of life was threatened as was our entire country, culture and survival as a people. Very few people in today's modern contemporary world understand how Queen Victoria felt about New Zealand and we Maori. She, wanted to protect us, our land, our culture, our nation, and at the same time she needed to protect her own people. What many people forget or have not been taught, is that it was not only my people's safety, lives, livelihood and communities being threaten, it was also true for people who had come from England, Scotland and Ireland who came in the name of Peace and 'Love'. Not only were ships and people from Britain coming here, but also people from many of the other countries included and or not included in the British Empire. Also, many countries had already landed and settled here prior to coming of Captain Cook in his ship "the Endeavour". It was the despicable deceitful settlers intent on profiting from deceiving innocent Maori and other settlers that came here in the late 1700's and early 1800's whom caused much unrest, dissent, instability, fear, confusion and war-faring .. because people and their communities had to protect their loved ones on all sides of the conflict. The Treaty named ‘The Waitangi Treaty’ is still in effect and my People, the Maori, are one of if not the only Indigenous Peoples in the World who have a ‘signed recognised legal Document’ which ‘protects us, our land, our flora, fauna, seabeds, fishing, culture, people and way of life’. It's just that over the decades various; local and national governing bodies, the military and police, wealthy money mongers, commerce business, and the likes; have taken advantage of loopholes to make a profit etc. Laws were changed during the world wars, and various events throughout our history to accommodate the needs at that time, however, in many casesm, the land was not returned to the tribes who had been asked or had their land confiscated. For example a whole tribe or my people had there land, buildings confiscated, with no compensation, after the Mount Tarawere erruption which obliterated many people, whole communities and the PINK and WHITE TERRACES which rich and wealthy from around the world would come to for healing. This tribe was welcomed amongst one of my ‘Sister Tribes in the Bay Of Plenty’ located on the East Coast of the North Island. Over the last 50 years much has been done to rectify this, starting with individuals, mainly women, who have rallied support of their people to 'hikoi' = ‘march’ to Parliament in Wellington (now at the Beehine - see painting), to make change and bring to the notice of Government and all people, the plight of our people and to set right the wrongs done. MY PAINTING IS ABOUT BRINGING ALL OF US IN NEW ZEALAND AND THE WORLD TOGETHER IN PEACE AND HARMONY. "LET PEACE REIGN IN NEW ZEALAND", is the full translation of the header and footer which is Te Reo Maori and IS THE OFFICIAL LANGUAGE OF OUR COUNTRY AN NATION. signed Tepora Watene, 7:57 P.M. 17th December 2017. NZ time.

Keywords: Political, National Anthem, New Zealand, Maori, Treaty, Culture, Archetypal Expressionism, Flag, Government, History, Indigenous

Subjects: Political

Styles: Realism, Archetypal Expressionism

Mediums: Pastel, Graphite, Ink, Acrylic, Charcoal

Materials: Canvas

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