London Bridge Dream, Original Abstract painting Painting

Dmitri Matkovsky


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About The Painting

Saatchi Art is pleased to offer the Painting, "London Bridge Dream, Original Abstract painting," by Dmitri Matkovsky, sold and originally listed for $1,789 USD. Original Painting: Acrylic, Tempera, Oil, Gesso on Canvas.

This is Original mixed media Abstract painting on canvas Oil, pastel, pencil and Acrylic on canvas London Tower Bridge watching Earth in its dream. Well, there are tons of explanations about the "the". Like we have to say "the sun", "the moon", "the earth" and so on. And one of my dictionaries say that you have to use "the " in those cases because there is only one earth in the world. And the river, the bridge, the united states, the Departed which is from a movie. We say The London bridge, but one of my books say that people who live around London do not say "the London bridge" because there is no reason left to use articles for the people because they already know what London bridge is.