Meridione #11

United States

Size: 16.5 H x 11.8 W x 0.4 in

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Art Description

Painting: acrylic, oil pastel, gel ink and graphite on Paper.

"Meridione means South, the south of the world, the place of the sun, the place of the moon, the place were stars look more bright, and the morning seems more night... south is the place where people makes mistake, because there is no other way out, apparently.
South is talking to strangers, south is sitting on the bench for hours, south is love for a life in which tears and smiles get together. South is hope and melancholia, day dreaming through the crude reality. South is being frank with each others, living today like there is no tomorrow"


"There is beauty recognized by definition, by an academic perspective, something eternal, static, like rocks or trees. This kind of beauty is built as dogma that stands forever without leaving space to the doubt.
In this case beauty can easily become a cage in which art ends up captive.

There is also another kind of beauty, perceived as a late, secondary thought. This beauty doesn't stand as a giant itself, but instead it's made of millions of flashbacks, glimpses of soul that keep my passions alive.
My art try to stand for this kind of beauty, that manifests itself through daily gestures, familiar places, tiny serious moments of existence: wake up, wash, dress, eat, drive the car, holding the phone, texting, eating take away, driving the car, undress, going to bed. Beauty is noisy, beauty hurts, beauty smells, beauty make us cry, angry, happy, hopeful, hopeless.
If I could watch my life as I watch a movie, I'd notice an hidden treasure within: thousands of unique snapshots that gets along to each other by sublime fluidity. That's the true poetry in which I try to figure out my art and also my existence. The world around does the rest, the magic, the infinity.

Everyday I search for art through little gems hidden behind the mysterious beauty of time and space.
Believing in the idea that art is life, that would manifest exactly like that: a series of emotions that take us through a long, unique journey.
Art can be a couple of lenses to look through and see things and ideas under different perspective, but art will never separate from my psychophysical experience and its consequent, emotional response.
My art do not want to represent, my art want to tell something about life, ordinary life. I hope."

Fabio Coruzzi exhibited his art at galleries, museums, art fairs around the world.
He is represented by American and European galleries

Keywords: Piazza, South, Square, Tradition, Italia , Church, Cattedrale, Meridione, Puglia

Subjects: Architecture

Styles: Fine Art, Impressionism

Mediums: acrylic, oil pastel, gel ink, graphite

Materials: Paper

Prints: Architecture Art Prints, Fine Art Art Prints, Impressionism Art Prints, acrylic Art Prints, oil pastel Art Prints, gel ink Art Prints, graphite Art Prints, Paper Art Prints

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