NIRVANA#1 Painting by Fabio Cacioni

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Art Description

Painting: Oil, Acrylic on Canvas.

The frenzy, ruthlessness and often inconclusiveness of today's world cloud our hearts, yet it does not give us the strength to stop for a moment and try to question the path we have taken so far. In this regard, the Dalai Lama said that Western men "live as if they should never die and die as if they had never lived".
In this case too, art can be the instrument, the opportunity, to stop for a moment, even just to try to see that there is still much to discover, especially within ourselves.
In this canvas I represented any modern man who begins by looking at himself in the mirror, finding only connotations and little else, but this does not stop his sense of restlessness, also because everything around him is in tumult.
Waves mixed with color (certainly a reference to Munch's glimpses of anguish man-nature) deform the objects of his daily life: a table, a chair, an iron, billiard balls, a bonsai and even a toilet. Red and green predominate, in my imagination like the colors of two worlds: the red of the West and the green of the East; seeing in the East, despite the profound changes underway, still that part of the world where everything began for man from the point of view of spirituality and the consciousness of being a special creature, with its responsibilities.
It is the green of virginity, that of luxuriant nature and meditation that is "instigated" by it, against the red that certainly expresses the will to progress, but it does so more and more sweeping, leaving behind especially the weakest.
Unexpectedly, from the incandescent fumes of an abandoned oil can come out a glimmer of spirituality, the "bodhisattva", the ancestral aspiration of every man to find enlightenment through altruistic practices towards himself and his neighbor ... is in the predisposition and self-denial of the man himself realizing and acting in that sense, just as it happens with the discovery of their own artistic inclinations.





Fabio Cacioni



Size: 23.6 W x 31.5 H x 0.8 in

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