Name Him Painting by Katarzyna Hasnik

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Art Description

Painting: Gouache, Acrylic, Oil, Plaster, Paint on Canvas.

This is painting was a part of the exhibition in New York Gallery, March 2018. Who is your Predator or maybe you are one of them without even noticing it? Your boss at work and you at home to your wife, husband or kids. Or you as a big boss to all. Can you handle without...

Name Him was created over experiences of sexual harassment, which happened to many of us: women, men, children, citizens. Unspoken for decades. Shouting now loudly. If you not you are the victim, if you speak loudly you are a warrior. Warrior is a wolf, not a sheep.

Any certain Abuse without even analysing is repeated over and over until reach the point of saying loudly. Here through art. But down there I am a wolf too who bites deeply. Sometimes without noticing we all manipulate each other using gestures, falcon flies above and hit to the ground in the best moment.

We all have it - the beast. We need to taming although keep it alive to survive.

Religion is oppression, racism is oppression, political bull shits is oppression, the brainwash by governments using media is oppression. Feeding millions by Tv shows instead educating them to escape the ladder of predators and victims. Main Stream Media - the perfect tool to make clowns of those who follow, century after century. It is another part of harassment. Do you see it? Name Him - you Name It, who is your predator or maybe you are one of them.

Do we all abuse each other in same ways? On which level of Pyramid or Ladder you are? Maybe you trying to step out of it... Wolfs and Bears treats rest as pigs and sheep. Is there a chance for humanity to live together instead of survival act of who has more power and who doesn't?
We all created for reach the best, but not taken from others but create with others.

Are you a Wolf or a Pig? Which part is better, off course a wolf. But for how long...

This painting has plenty meanings and it is up to art collector, You to decide what you see it there and how to you respond to it. Respond to yourself.



Name Him

Katarzyna Hasnik



Size: 63 W x 63 H x 1.2 in

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