Red Bull in an Italian Steak house restaurant in Chicago (ToroBull1_4_Z2)


Size: 9.4 H x 7.1 W x 0.1 in

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Art Description

Painting: Watercolor and Household on Cardboard, Paper and Other.

Watercolour based on coffee, 24x18cm, Max Gioviale, 2014

Keywords: Paintings, Restaurant, Steak, Watercolour, Bull, Bulls, Chicago, Coffee, Art, Menu, Meat, Basket

Subjects: Food

Styles: Dada, Pop Art, Street Art

Mediums: Watercolor, Household

Materials: Cardboard, Paper, Other

Prints: Food Art Prints, Dada Art Prints, Pop Art Art Prints, Street Art Art Prints, Watercolor Art Prints, Household Art Prints, Cardboard Art Prints, Paper Art Prints, Other Art Prints