Ripple of the light Painting by Yongho Park

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Art Description

Painting: Mixed media, Paint, Plaster on Steel, Iron, Wood.

I’m a metal artist applying metals to painting.
Considering that artwork is a special language to an artist. metal is the most suitable and attractive way for me to communicate with people. So I always try to reflect my thoughts and sensibilities on the work.
I pursue the harmony between the sensibility of painting and delicate skill of the metal work. And I try to make them in good balance and moderation.
In this regard, my artwork is differentiated from normal painting in many ways. I always try to reflect my inspiration into various metallic materials according to the subject of each artwork. Every artwork includes metals (aluminum, steel, stainless steel), which are combined with various other materials (wood, plaster, acrylic, etc.). So it has distinctive matiere and three-dimensional effects. This artwork ‘Ripple of the light’ also consists of metal(steel wire), wood and plaster.

Basically there is a stereotype that metal looks hard and feels cold, but on the other hand, it also has different properties that are soft and warm, Similar to metal’s characteristics, there are a lot of precious things with its intrinsic beauty in nature, but people do not really recognize the beauties of nature at a glance. It can be found after we observe and commune with nature and muse on it for a long time. When I get to find out and feel such hidden beauties of nature, they fascinate and inspire me so that I can create something to express that beauty as an artist.
Lights are not easily recognizable but do exist everywhere in the world. I tried to express the beauty and wonder of spreading light in this artwork. And I’d like to show the delicate and elaborate characteristic of metal by using steel wires.
I hope people can hear what I talk through my work and feel the intrinsic beauty of lights and warm sensibility of metals.



Ripple of the light

Yongho Park

South Korea


Size: 43.3 W x 37.4 H x 2.8 in

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