Untitled Painting by Tatiana Soteropoulos

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Art Description

Painting: Acrylic, Tempera, Ink, Paper on Canvas.

My current series of paintings is an extension of my previous exhibition, which was inspired by "The New Colossus," a poem by Emma Lazarus. The title of my exhibition was "THE NEW COLOSSUS: Defying the (im)possibilities of Liberty," and I was exploring the concept of whether or not "absolute freedom" can actually exist, with a focus on the journey of every immigrant in the pursuit of freedom and happiness. Now that I have relocated to the United States and am considered a "legal alien" in this country, I am experiencing first hand the difficulties that an immigrant has to face through the application process of becoming a permanent resident. My "absolute freedom" is being disturbed by piles of paper work, documents, fees, doctor's exams, and permission forms. This turbulent, never ending process is expressed through a series of paintings emphasizing that the journey, most of the time, is more important than the destination, but sometimes there is also the need to search for calm waters, where one can finally dock in a port.




Tatiana Soteropoulos



Size: 110 W x 70 H x 1 in

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