VM Painting by David Leclerc

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Pouring Paper Pulp

Art Description

Painting: Paper, poured paper pulp, handmade paper, cotton paper, dyed paper pulp on Sound, Paper.

I am inspired by action visions. I start from emptiness. I want to be free of influence and direction. I become totally immersed in the creation and let it take on it's own life. I become a channel to deliver and learn. My mission is to allow the creative spirit to unfold and rest in that energy. This pulp painting is totally made from cotton paper pulp that I dye and pour into screens and then press the pulp with the weight of my body/feet with a towel to absorb excess water and then let it dry. I coat the surface with an acrylic to give the piece added strength and to also make it like a wall hanging the does not necessarily need to be framed. The series of "Faces" in handmade paper are color & line energy configurations that create patterns to energize and stimulate healing responses for the body/mind. I love working with paper pulp on account of it's fluidity and physical nature and how I interact with it. Handling it with my hands, pressing it with my feet.




David Leclerc

United States


Size: 33 W x 47 H x 0.6 in

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