self-portrait Painting by Anna Proc

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Art Description

Painting: Airbrush, Paint, Gesso, Full spectrum, Rubber on Canvas, Other.

In my opinion the process of painting self portraiture is the metaphoric act of creativity. This act requirers a constant search for desire of forms and values of artistic expression. Series of self portraitures should depict a physical and psychological qualification of the person being a subject who becomes a painting object. These objectives are leading very often to an unexpected withdrawal and sometimes a painful truth. Ambitious and conscious painter can taste completely new experience. A word of experience means according philosophers “ a way to enlightenment”, conclude with act of enrichment. This empirical journey leads to discovery of living power of light and shows a structure of relative existence of human being. In my case, I treated a painting as a communication tool in discourse with a viewer. I can see the human face as a complexity, a union of physical and spiritual qualities which represent a distant microcosmos. Those qualities usually force painter to find a special way to execute task of portrait. For each artist, self portraiture appears as an eschatological probe and act of self prevailment. The process of self-examination lead me to surprised outcome, a painting begun to live on it is own. It draws very interesting conclusion about a relation between an artist and a viewer. An artist becomes a giver as well as a receiver. During this “journey” I discovered depths that had nothing to do with autobiographical link or my artistic practice. Through this process I realized the importance of inner and outer qualities of humanism. The whiteness of canvas / “tabula rasa” and “horror vacui” / is continuous, a permanent artist call and contagious challenge to learn about itself…




Anna Proc



Size: 39.4 W x 59.1 H x 1 in

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