Her last Call (The Girl behind the White Picket Fence) - 7 sold - Limited Edition 8 of 10 Photograph by Stefanie Schneider

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Art Description

Photography: Polaroid, C-type, Color on Other.

A piece from the movie "The Girl behind the White PIcket Fence"

A window into an artist's mind is seen through a rapid succession of Polaroid stills.

-filmed with Polaroid film stock and Super-8 footage, overlaid with poetic voice over monoloque - this feature film creates a dynamic kaleidoscope of words and pictures, a dreamy tale that channels Terrence Malick, Gus Van Sant, and pages torn from a lonely girls journal (Palms Springs life magazine / Carolyn Ryder)

The Girl Behind the White Picket Fence‘ (60m, Germany) dir. by Stefanie Schneider. An artists world of movie stills ‚The Girl behind the White Picket Fence' is a succession of Polaroid film stills. One after another, this film takes this to the limit and still delivers. Sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly, flowing with the rhythm of the music or in the energy the film portrays. Gaps keep the viewer paying close attention but this is no Instagram lark, this is real analog Polaroid film. This is a one off, a complete window into an artists mind as she sees the world. Sunny, hot, in love, open spaces evoking freedom but also banishment. Exploring and questioning the frequent coincidences we all find in our own life. In fact, these very fortuities which Schneider illustrates are integral to the creation and manifestation of her films and artworks. Fate is allowed to develop, enhanced and even plotted.
This art film's cryptic analysis of love is back-dropped by a feeling that our future is hopeless but that it relentlessly continues.

A careful young woman (Heather Megan Christie) picks herself up from the cold reality of a failed relationship. (First love: Jeff Leaf). Heather's background reveals how through her ambition to grow, she steps out to find love but quickly realizes that there's much more to life than she had thought. Retreating to her trailer, she finds a radio station that speaks her language. "The Lonely Hearts Radio Station“. The DJ (Steve Marshall) himself a refugee from a mysterious past of ended affairs, deals with his own demons. The local garbage man "Hank" (Kyle Larson) who has issues too, due to the recent death of his wife, hears Heather call into the radio station and becomes obsessed by her and starts collecting her discarded memories on his garbage route. Damon the DJ quickly falls in love with Heather even though he's never met her and sabotages Hanks interest by competing for her heart. Through the radio, love is reborn and the cycle continues. A mystic shaman (Udo Kier) suddenly appears trying to help Heather and Hank to get together but fails until through a bizarre dream, shows her, how to become aware and find her future love. The ending is happy until you realize that the future they're betting on, is hollow.

directed, photographed and edited by Stefanie Schneider
written by Tanja Trittmann, Stefanie Schneider, Robert Mack
music by Adam Weiss, Daisy McCrackin, Max Sharam, Sophie Huber, Zoë Bîcat, Cheyenne Randall, Axel Ruhland and Billy Harvey.
Line Producer: Lance Waterman, Executive Producers Caroline Haertel & Mirjana Momirović, Co-produced by ARTE , Comissioning Editor, Barbara Häbe, A Production by micafilm, Funded by Medienboard Berlin Brandenburg, micafilm / ARTE 2013




Her last Call (The Girl behind the White Picket Fence) - 7 sold - Limited Edition 8 of 10

Stefanie Schneider



Size: 7.9 W x 7.9 H x 0 in

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