SKY REACHING RAILWAY TRACK - Limited Edition 1 of 5 Photograph by Adam Kalinowski

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Art Description

Photography: Color, Digital, Photogram, Paper, Found Objects on Cardboard, Canvas, Paper, Plastic, Aluminium.

Project by ADAM KALINOWSKI; photo taken in 2004 of a real model of the sculpture.

In many versions of this project real railway track should be used together with sleepers. Dimensions vary.

As with many boys, one of my favorite childhood play was a miniature electric train. The most important part of this game was to construct new, unique arrangement of tracks, which had some feature of abstract drawing. An equally important aspect of the play, was the relationship of the model to reality. This relationship created a feeling of ruling the space, making it possible to manipulate it in a conventional way.

I have been working on a project which refers, to some degree, to this childhood experience. This series of projects is called: "Sky Reaching Railway Track" or „The Infinite Railway Track”. The project deals with spatial external realization, where I plan utilization of a real railway track together with sleepers, as a series of bas-reliefs, in which I use fragments of imprints of models of railway tracks.

Isn't it funny that railway track normally hidden in a labyrinth of landscape, secretive by one's "handiness"*, becomes here a fragment of massive space, a
dramatic point of contact with infinity? In one of the projects, the rails create outlines of empty vessels, filled up with the cubature of an indifferent space. In another one, they are arranged into the form of a long arch section, that points freely into the space. Railway track has been connected with the landscape for about 150 years. It symbolizes continuity of transport in time and space. It is also a continuum - abstract line traced in landscape.

My project, "The Infinite Railway Track," spreads not only in an open space, across simulated imprints and bas-reliefs, it also touches the ground. In this way, it refers to a range of meanings connected with perception of the landscape. It's "infinity" determines a scale fixed in specific contexts, with a variety of ways of recalling them.


*term used by Martin Heidegger

Bibliography and shows:
2008 London International Creative Competition; finalist in sculpture.UK.
2008 “Memory, Inscription, Place: Landscape as a Transformational Process”, UK.

SKY REACHING RAILWAY TRACK - Limited Edition 1 of 5

Adam Kalinowski



Size: 36 W x 24 H x 0.1 in

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