Silêncio 1 - Limited Edition 1 of 10 Photograph by Tais F Bêrtollim

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Art Description

Photography: Photo, Digital, Color, Paper on Paper, Canvas.

Inspired by the work of the photographer Brassaï, The Lenguage of the Wall, in which he took pictures of wall carvings and markings over three decades. I seek to tell and portray through this series, called timelessness, part of that time that was left, superimposed, until forgotten in the walls of the cities where I pass by.

These textures, the remains of paintings, clippings of drawings and letters, which have almost disappeared or are superimposed on other layers, which I capture in these photographs are a poetic and analogical representation of life, which are composed of memories and stories that overlap in layers forming a new being, a new life, a new masterpiece.

The textures, colours, scratches and abstractions in each image take the viewer along a personal and introspective journey that allows each being to create their own meanings and memories. These images are like portals that open to the endless universe of imagination that is renewed every time.

My interest in photographing this subject arises mainly from the curiosity that awakens me these memories left expressed in the walls, be they works of time, of man, or of both.



Silêncio 1 - Limited Edition 1 of 10

Tais F Bêrtollim



Size: 24 W x 36 H x 0.1 in

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