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Photography: Color, Digital, Paper and Photo on Paper.

The Concourse' depicted here is under the tarmac connecting Chicago's United Airlines giant main terminal with its equally long outer counterpart.

It is a wonderful way most feel for changing terminal parts and a welcome change of pace for rushed travelers making
often short plane connections.

Above, pilots bring in planes that just landed, other planes begin to taxi to the takeoff runway, still others head to the hangars or parking places for maintenance, fueling and repair or even repositioning.

They are are serviced unseen overhead by fleets of baggage carts and other airport vehicles drive overhead which comtrend with the stubby but extremely 'tugs' which pull and push planes into terminal gates.

Meanwhile passengers are treated to lively Gershwin music and a light show and can relax for the few minutes it takes to transit the tunnel, hardly moving muscle except to step on and off the people mover.

For the busy and hurried traveler, this concourse can be a welcome respite, with lovely,, ever-changing colors surrounding and pulsating Gershwin music in the background.

Now-relaxing passengers are relieved of most effort except for twice stepping on and off the twin people movers as they rapidly move underground.

A transit through this underground concourse can be one of the few pleasant experiences most air travelers will encounter on an airline journey.

Photographer Crosley was accompanied as he traveled the concourse. He told his escort he wanted to pause for five minutes midAy through theis concours to tke a few pictures.

He predicted they might be 'memorable' andone or mroe might ge world class. Usually Crosley refrains from predictions of any sort

The person with him, not knowing him well had inquired about his photo skills, and Crosley replied 'just watch' and in that pause produced tjos and four or five similar photos, for a wonderful grouping, all taken at the same spot.

This and two others taken at this spot,, Crosley counts this image and two others taken from this same spot as among his lifetime color best.

Irt is on this site at the folowing URl and one is on this site at the following URL.


The two make a very good pairing.

Because they are 'art' and not 'journalism' it is possible to 'flip' or reverse direction of the pedestrians in one so the two images can better match without changing the 'truth' of the depictions, in part because both are almost completely symmetrical.

If ordering both, please specify if one is to be flipped and which one.

Within five minutes Crosley had taken this and three or four similar photos with different figure placement, all of them 'artistic' and his companion conceded he had more than exceeded expectations.

See, for instance a prior listing showing two women and a man with open laptop going in opposite directions at this very spot within minutes of taking this. All are part of a grouping Crosley counts among his best color work.

music playing throughout, the people mover passenger doesn't have to spend any effort to change from the main terminal to the outer terminal while envelped in a work of art.

Here is the URL
Giant elevators and escalators at the ends whisk passengers back to the elevated terminal parts.

music playing throughout, the people mover passenger doesn't have to spend any effort to change from the main terminal to the outer terminal while envelped in a work of art.

e to thet show surrounding and beautiful, lively music to match the pace of the business world playing,

This concourse is a work of art in its own.

With wonderful music in the background that matches the frenetic pace of business travel piped in throughout the very lengthy concourse, a travel or airplane crew person can ride people movers (a long belt which carries standing people and like an escalator without steps traveling horizontally).

Midway between the ends each of two people movers ends, an amplified voice intones passengers of the 'end' and to 'please step off'.

Throughout the entire length of the underground tunnel and concourse, the translucent panels separated by frames casts different colored light, often predominantly yellowish, but varying so that the appearance of the concourse changes many times through a journey from one part of the terminal on it to the other.

Keywords: Passenger, John Crosley, O'Hare Airport, Travel, Walkway, Chicago, Airport, Color, Concourse, Background, Luggage, Man

Subjects: Airplane

Styles: Abstract, Documentary, Fine Art, Street Art, Realism

Mediums: Color, Digital, Paper, Photo

Materials: Paper

Prints: Airplane Art Prints, Abstract Art Prints, Documentary Art Prints, Fine Art Art Prints, Street Art Art Prints, Realism Art Prints, Color Art Prints, Digital Art Prints, Paper Art Prints, Photo Art Prints, Paper Art Prints

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