Photograph by destrik edxnco

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destrik edxnco


Size: 11 W x 9 H x 0.5 in

This artwork is not for sale.


destrik edxnco

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Art Description

Photography: Digital on Carbon Fibre.

DXN Code Strike your tiles have to be quite clean though that could be a challenge in my house but yeah if he tiles are clean it should stick or if it was on the floor so here's a tiled floor or you know wooden floor or something shiny that would work quite well and then it kind of feels nice if you slide it up and down the balls kind of cushion you a bit like a real man okay I do that I feel it'd be quite nice I mean it's got no sometimes you get ones where I've got an example of a huge one here they're all huge for me look at the end on that Karim was 13 it a bit loopy through remember the name of it but this one it's got all kind of bits and and it's not the most hygienic as stuff you know could get stuck in there you'd have to clean it out properly where is this one I think this would be better doesn't look quite as realistic obviously but I think I'd prefer something like I mean this one hasn't got one at all which i think is much easier to clean so yeah it looks like it'd be easy to clean I think it might be the kind of material that if you kind of poked it or got if your nail stuck in it or something it's probably gonna be the kind that would catch stuff and then it is more difficult to clean so I think with these soft ones you know if you do get cuts or breaks and then do you know you do have to clean those very carefully or you know that might be the time to replace them I in my opinion I'm no expert so this is another one I've got and obviously it's got these weird stains on it I think it's because I used so that can lube with something which you're not supposed to do with sex toys and I think it melted slightly I think it touched one a couple of other toys it doesn't affect how it works it's just it looks a bit odd anyway it's fine so this is a much bigger one this is like it's bigger

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