Photograph by sonu mian

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Art Description

Photography: Ink on Carbon Fibre.

your skin it just it's like an it's an antibacterial like a natural antibacterial so it's already going to fight off the acne bacteria it's gonna help promote healing and your skin that's why you put on sunburns it just oh my god it's just such an amazing product too than your skin you literally can't go wrong it's natural by a freaking aloe vera plant if you want to do that but I just have the gel that I at my house so if you have aloe vera at home hop on it just do an aloe vera mask every night just rub it slather your skin and you can never have too much and then let it dry and then just go to bed and use it before your makeup use it as a moisturizer




sonu mian


Size: 10 W x 20 H x 25 in

This artwork is not for sale.