maria code , blood destiny


Size: 19.7 H x 15.8 W x 1.6 in

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Art Description

Photography: Photography, Color and Manipulated on Paper, Plastic and Other.

Description: All humans all species with blood are a family the artist is embassador of peace. carla egererYear Created: 2009--
translation --Art work by carla egerer mixed media--The holy mary code
we encounter the classical role model of holy Mary in the victim persecutor show- in today media. men go out for war-and Mary rebuilts the home – she mentaly redesigns men by performing as pin up--when men come back mentaly derranged—Mary is built up in the colony as the role model of the well styled modern type of the symapthieträgerin- For the victim shall be loved and the conquerer shall stay anonymous and untouched --

Keywords: War Blood Holy Mary Code, Victim Persecutor Show, Carla Egerer Bible, Art Codes, Artist And Peace

Subjects: World Culture

Styles: Pop Art, Conceptual, Modern

Mediums: Photography, Color, Manipulated

Materials: Paper, Plastic, Other

Prints: World Culture Art Prints, Pop Art Art Prints, Conceptual Art Prints, Modern Art Prints, Photography Art Prints, Color Art Prints, Manipulated Art Prints, Paper Art Prints, Plastic Art Prints, Other Art Prints

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