-10.994 - Limited Edition 1 of 1 Art Print by Elisabetta Cardella

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Art Description

Printmaking: Acrylic, Paper, New Media, Photo on Paper.

This work is part of the series entitled '-10.994'.
-10.994 meters represents the maximum ocean depth, precisely the Challenger Abyss in the Mariana Trench.
The abyss is an unbridgeable distance between two people or between oneself and one's own desires.
It's a place where the words never spoken and the erased images are born.
What we reject there on the bottom settles and trasforms in organic matter. It not die but turns into nostalgia, regret, duty, dissatisfaction, unresolved question.

"Looks from flowers, closed under the weight of rocks, encrusted under fossils, mosses and corals, lips suffocated by smoke and words muffled by water. Bodies imprisoned in crystals, sucked from the abysses of the sea, clinging to shapeless creatures. Hands pierced and blocked by flakes of crystals, harnessed within stones, trapped in the ice. They are silent figures, faces with hidden eyes and a faded mouth. The word is submerged, violated, stolen, torn away, suffocated, the image erased from pain or forgotten by time."



-10.994 - Limited Edition 1 of 1

Elisabetta Cardella



Size: 13.7 W x 19.6 H x 0.1 in

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