Aesthetic of Fears Sculpture by Dorry Hsu

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Art Description

Sculpture: Digital, Plastic, Resin on Plastic.

Fear is like a paper cut on the fingertip, it itches, affects you if you try to ignore it. This project starts by recording my personal fearful objects and situations in 40 days. Through the process, I started to share and talk with people, and realize that the subject of fear is universal. Thus, I keen on looking for recreating the objects with the healing abilities, such as religious symbol, totem and negative mask. I am interested in the reason why an object was created, and some objects were created more than the function of basic need.
I draw my research on understanding fears in psychology and how to use psychological analysis to understand the visual effect of painting, films, and archaeology objects. Francis Bacon’s painting, and Gills Deleuze “Francis Bacon: The Logic of Sensation” are my major references to understand how to visualize abstract emotions, and situations.
“The Aesthetic of Fears” is a further development of the visual representing of my fearful objects. The formality of the object is challenged through the diversity of colour and complexity of form. Through the immediate response of virtual modelling tools, I create three-dimensional objects that reflect my patch emotion, and the unease and the irritating sense of fear. The objects carry the “haptic” character such as spikes and smooth balls when people view it or touch it. The process of making challenges the possibility of different printing material, scales and combination of traditional technique. My project is including three collections which are 3d printing mask, fine jewellery, and bronze sculpture. Three collections are similar in forms which were drawing in Haptic Arm and free-form program but varied in scales, and materials to respond to my emotions.



Aesthetic of Fears

Dorry Hsu

United Kingdom


Size: 7.9 W x 3.1 H x 3.9 in

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