Blue Fantasy Sculpture by Bettina Silverio

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Art Description

Sculpture: Wood, Metal, Oil, Steel on Steel, Wood, Other.

I created “Blue Fantasy” in response to the urgent need for environmental conservation and sustainable development. Progress and the natural world need not be at odds with each other. It is very much possible to continue with modernization and development without compromising our natural ecosystems. With this piece I wanted to capture the happy coexistence of industry, synthetic materials and the natural environment. Fabricated metal pieces, wood, synthetic gold leaf and rust-coated wires come together beautifully, creating a single piece that is balanced, dramatic and whimsical. The metal wires were purposefully given a rust coat and set up against the gold leaf to show that anything can be beautiful and utilized, if only given careful thought and proper attention. The metal elements and touches of gold leaf –symbolizing industry and commerce respectively-- work in harmony with the natural wood surface to enhance the natural look of the art work. And finally, at the lower right hand portion of the art piece, a small bird sits happily on its perch, surrounded by both natural and man-made materials. If synthetic and industrial elements can come together and work beautifully with more natural pieces in an artwork, can’t the same be done in the natural world? All we need is a clear vision, determination and a willingness to get things done.



Blue Fantasy

Bettina Silverio



Size: 24 W x 24 H x 5 in

This artwork is not for sale.