Distopic Sculpture by Nicolas Benedetti Salani

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Nicolas Benedetti Salani



Size: 19.7 W x 19.7 H x 19.7 in

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Art Description

Sculpture: Paper mache, Found Objects, Paint, Manipulated, Pottery on Paper, Wood, Bronze, Other.

In 2017 I started a creative process in which I developed a character that aims to problematize the myths on which we have based our culture and in this way, project a critical look in different aspects
Thus, I propose an antagonistic mixture of two great cultural icons as representatives of two cosmogonies in different periods of humanity.
On the one hand the Venus de Willendorf and on the other Barbie the well-known doll manufactured by Mattel
 Barbie Bitch is a paradox that contrasts two cultural icons of different times. A temporal space unfolding that connects past and present in a confrontation of cosmogonies in a single device.
This paradox seeks to generate a space for reflection towards new alternatives that link us with our material reality.
The drift of the character poses a reflective look about ourselves and our relationship with nature and even with our own being, our body and culture in general
From the Barbie Bitch saga, "Dystopia" presents a look at a present full of questions
God has ours, the art has died and the stories have fallen, instead our own existence has been left looking at itself eager to find explanations that justify its being.
What will be our next utopia? Is it necessary that there is one that marks our path?
In the post-truth era, we have to ask ourselves if the ideal world that we always imagine is one where the algorithms of social networks constantly show us our reflection, while we are increasingly isolated in the bubble of a world created in our image and similarity without place to dissent, diversity and displeasure necessary as a stimulus to growth as human beings.
This work invites us to reflect on the links and thoughts that have marked our social cohesion but that have paradoxically also divided us
We live a dream self isolation in which things like social networks, the fear of insecurity and the world of consumption have confined us.
We have not known how to move forward as a society without crushing the other, which is why our utopia today is to "Delete" the other.